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Revodana’s Manhattan Transfer 04.01.2007

Mandie 1yr chasing horse.JPG

Mandie Facts/pedigree/puppies
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Mandie is co-owned by  Margit Sand from kennel Ellemosen in the Danish mid-west, here he has plenty of opportunities to run and play with the other ridgies.. He also occassionally vacations here at Kennel Lewanika where he fits right in, teases the ladies and have a huge respect for old Yankee, who just once had to throw him on the floor and tell him who is in charge.

Mandie is a small male of just 66 cms and 35 kgs which has not helped his show career, he did really well as a youngster, but coming of age and having to compete with much larger more finished dogs has put a stop to his show career.

Mandie winning best Intermediate male at the Danish Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty 2008 under judge Orit Nevo