Spring til indhold

O-kuld 2023/O-litter 2023

Apalachee Umqolo of Pronkberg born 1991

Lewanika Kubuheha (Kukie)  born 2017

Apologies for speaking English on this page, but as  the story here started in Zimbabwe, and never would have happened had it not been for friends and fellow breeders across the globe, English just seems to tell the story better. 

in 1997,  in Zimbabwe, the Parent Club* of the Rhodesian Ridgeback celebrated their 75th anniversary in Harare , part of the celebrations was a big show, with everything from Zimbabwean farmdogs, who had never been on a leash before, to experienced show dogs driving for over 2500 kms from South Africa. If you want to see my pictures from the show you can find the gallery here.

(*a Parent Club the original breed club in the breeds home country and they are the guardians of the breed and of the breed standard) 

25 years ago I fell in love with a gorgeous 6 years old Rhodesian Ridgeback male – Misango aka Apalachee Umqolo of Pronkberg, not only did he embody all my visions of the breed Standard: “well balanced, strong, muscular, agile and active dog,
symmetrical in outline, and capable of great endurance with a fair amount of speed. The emphasis is on agility, elegance and
soundness with no tendency towards massiveness.” but apart from being a top show dog and of the old pure African lines, he was also a beloved pet (with bed and sofa rights – not common in Africa in those days) and a true gentleman with a happy friendly demeanor to friends as well as strangers. 

At that time I was still waiting for my first litter, but I just knew that one day I would like to use him to sire a litter for me.

25 years on this dream is coming true – if all goes well. And this litter will really show the enduring and strong human friendship and trust we as breeders can build to each other over decades. A friend originally imported the straws from South Africa to Finland, another brought the remainer from Finland to Italy and now I will be allowed to use it here in Denmark with my lovely Kukie. 



Misango is from an age where todays health checks did not exist – his hips were A1, but the elbows not scored, and I have received breeding dispensation for from the Danish Kennel Club. With AD date not being available I have instead looked at the progeny he sired  in the late 90’ies: 11 had AD0 and 5 AD1. He lived to the ripe age of 12 and never had problems. I feel safe using him

Also from his progeny we know that he carries JME (Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsia) but as Kukie is tested clear, this is not a problem

Misango on a walk in the bush
Baby Misango - spoiled to bits 🙂
Misango winning Best of Opposite, Best Ridge and Best Gaited Challenge at the Parent Club show in Harare 1997, Judge J. Selby
MIsango Best of Breed, Harare Kennel Club show, Judge D Hull

If all goes well, the mother of the litter will be “Kukie” RBM Lewanika Kubuheha. Kukie is born March 28th 2017 as the only livernose in a litter of 12 

Her sire is ROM Mohagets Masai and her dam RBM Lewanika Idanayi

Kukie is a fast and energetic lure courser and unrelenting on the track for game. But at home her favourite spot is on the lap or just behind you on the chair.  Or watching TV nature programs from her place on the couch

Misango Stamtavle
Kukie stamtavle