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Sarula Fufuru 1.3.95-14.7.98


Sarula Fufuru 1.3.95-14.7.98
was a very gentle Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, who was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in March 1995.
Ten weeks later she made the long trek to Denmark and became my much loved friend and companion.
She met her untimely death to a drunken driver on a dark country lane the day after her first litter of puppies left
She was an excellent show dog, just shy of her last Certificate to become Champion and the judges agreed that:
“Beautifully proportioned red wheaten bitch, very feminine head, good eye colour and ear carriage and clean elegant neck, depth of chest and forefront all OK. Well defined ridge. Strong topline and good depth of chest, lines and tuck-up all good. Good feet. Moves with grace.”
But much more than the show ring, she enjoyed her various activities, she tought me Repetitive obedience or anything else creates total deafness in Ridgebacks and a listless, bored gait.
However, agility, motivation orientated obedience and especially Lure Coursing or Oval track Racing – THAT is fun!
The Ridgebacks who has succeeded her in our home, can thank her for comprehensively teaching her humans what a true Ridgeback is!